It's Your Group

Sounds unbelievable or like marketing glibberish perhaps but fact is you can get more marketing out of the group than the developer or owner

Time is a Gift

You can always get some more money or whatever with time but not all the money or gold in the world can buy you more time .

The world at your feet

We can't offer you time but we can save you time to achieve much more.

10+ Years of Development

Over 10 years was spend on developing, testing, rebuild and agains testing this and other systems

And we now offer the experience, knowledge and results of all that to you almost on a silver plater and you can use the whole marketing system as your own.

Everything was build based on Unity is Power and co-operation and all that is necessary is that you mentally accept It's YOUR Group and start using it.


What We Offer

Marketing Website

An easy to build and website like this one and integrated into our marketing system

Professional Hosting

Full professional level web hosting with email and all the features you need included.

Email SMS Marketing System

Central hub for your email and SMS communications to generate leads and build richer customer relationships.

Town Portal Marketing

Create banner ads and post unlimited articles on our whole town portal group and more

Social Media Marketing

Integration with social media ensures more exposure and marketing opportunities.

Much, much more

Free access to business lisitngs, classified ads, jobs and much more available and still to come,


Open Source Marketing

Just like free or low-cost open source software we can call this group
Open Source MARKETING and it's also available for free or very low cost

We however took it even further and our aim is to offer you a complete "All-In-One" solution for your business and can almost guarantee that we will be able to offer even more and more on regular and ongoing base.

"You see things and say "Why?"  "I dream things that never were and say "Why not?" George Bernard Shaw

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