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A website system creating stunning & engaging online experiences

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About Us

At SA Internet News Group cc we host our many websites and those of clients ourselves for the past 10+ years and many of our clients, including an elite ANC family, is still with us for all these years.

Our Mission

Unity is Power, co-operation is our mission so that we can build a strong internet marketing group with our combined content to promote our individual businesses and websites for the benefit of us all.

How We Do It

During the past few years we designed various systems that work together as an all-in-one system to build a strong internet presence and make things easier for us and our clients to succeed online.

It Just Makes Senses

2 Domains,,,

2 Websites

Build a business plus marketing website with our easy to use website build and management system.

Web Hosting

Professional level business hosting with all the standard features and more than sufficient resources.


Once done with rebuilding our marketing group we will promote your business and website for free.


Most websites are relative useless
Without Real Content

Despite exorbitant website design costs most websites don't really increase traffic and revenue and paying for expensive web hosting, SEO experts and whatever are equally useless.

Content is King and you need content to succeed online !!!

Our websites, systems, marketing and everything focus on CONTENT to make it easier for you to build content rich websites that attract visitors and convert them into paying clients and that is the real goal of any business and website.

What We Offer For Only R135 pm

Free Websites

Two free easy to build and manage business or marketing websites.

Responsive Design

Modern and responsive design that is scalable on all devices.

Online Marketing

While not yet active, we help you to get ready for when it are.

Domain Names

Two domains to act as main business domain and marketing domain.

Business Hosting

Professional level business hosting including all features and extras.

Value Added Extras

All our servers are loaded with value-added services and extras.

Website Examples

Example Business Websites

The fixed nature of this websites makes it more suitable as business website but no reason why it can't be used for marketing or other purposes.

Utilizing a fixed template system that makes website management much easier.

Example Marketing Websites

Same system as that was used to build this website and while we call it "marketing websites" it can also act as business or other types of website.

Utilizing a block system that allow you to insert blocks and arrange it as you want.

This is a limited time offer so you better act and order now

Free domain names with quarterly, semi-annually or annual payment + discount at 3%, 6% and 9% respectively Start Now