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Banner Ads & Internet Marketing
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Email & SMS Marketing
Website & Hosting
Banner Ads & Internet Marketing

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You not only join this website but actually a whole group of marketing websites that you can use as your own and our slogan is thus it's your group.

Once you joined as member you have in fact precise the same access to use the marketing group for yourself as the developer and owner himself. (Except for development, programming purposes etc of course, but marketing wise everybody use the same powerful control panel)

A whole group

Instead than individual websites, ads, content etc all our websites are integrated into one marketing group with shared and integrated systems in such way that our members can manage their ads, content etc from one central control panel.

Content is King

A lot of research on the internet proof that normal "advertisements" on the internet is not very active but the big media houses let you believe otherwise so that you can fork out more and more money for less.

The truth is that the best marketing to draw visitors and news clients is articles, news, informative and other CONTENT and that is what the media houses use to draw readers and visitors, and then let you pay for "second hand" banner ads that don't get much attention.

Unlimited content

With our system you can post unlimited content on the whole marketing group to draw visitors, grab their attention and interest and build sufficient trust to convince them to buy from you or make use of your services.

Unity is power

Just like the power of Facebook consist of the total users and content they post, the biggest online newspaper in India consist 100% of user generated content and our system was build in the same way to make use of co-operation and the power of unity.

What make our system however unique is that it not only draw on the power of unity to build the marketing group but also to use it to help promote and market our members individually and as group.

Total integration

After years of development, testing and rebuild this is the first stage of our overall goal to offer a total integrated solution with everything you need to succeed online so the earlier you join the better.